Because Only Together We Can

We Support Women to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— We Provide Care

Our community is filled with women from all fields of works, so whatever your needs may be: from emergency help to fashion help, we got you covered.


— We Build Networks

Friendship has never been this easy. Make friends, join groups and talk about topics that interest you.


— We Strengthen

Friendships go beyond conversations on the timeline, and here we encourage women to seek out friends and nurture their friendship. Community is truly what we seek to provide for every woman.


— We Educate

We are committed to helping women discover and learn new things every day. From the regular conversations in our community to our blog articles, there is always something to learn.


— We Help You Earn

Our marketplace provides a place for female professionals and entrepreneurs to actively sell to their audience.


— We Consult

We have specialised professionals in our community who provide help and support for members who may need it.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Women

At Echoher, we acknowledge that every dream is valid, and we provide a support system of women from across to hold your hand as you try to reach your dreams.

The Keys to a New Future for Women Conversations

Policing women’s conversations isn’t allowed. Now we are taking back all that power and saying what we want to say and how we want to say it.

Marketplace for women to transact with one another

When you buy from our marketplace, you have the unique ability of patronising women who sell their services or products on our platform.

Finding a New Outlet—To be heard

Finding your voice in a world that always shouts,
Women have had to fight for a right to talk about issues that concern them amid harassment, bullying, and violence. There is no better place to find it but here.


We nurture the future.

Echoher is also open to teens and tweens as we believe that it is the best place for them to make friends and gather all the necessary knowledge they need to thrive.

Bringing Dreams within Reach

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By Women, For Women

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Women’s Rights

Our Story

My name is Lynda Dera Anih and I am the CEO of Echo Her.
Paulo Coelho said in the world-famous book, The Alchemist,

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

That is my Start-up story.
I had an idea, a social network that would make the lives of so many women better.
EchoHer had already been living in my head for so long. I kept fine-tuning it to create this Utopia I imagined. I wasn’t sure how I was going to or when I was going to, but I knew I would get it done.

If you are reading this, then it would seem that I did it or rather we did. (You can go ahead and picture me with a wide smile on my face).
For a long time, EchoHer lived in my head.
Actually, for too long if you ask me because as it is now, I don’t remember when I thought about this idea.

Why did I think it was finally time to bring this idea to life?

I also don’t know.
All I can say is that one morning, I tried to think of the reasons why I hadn’t started working on this, and I was blank.
You see, it was easier for this to exist as an idea in my head. Telling people about it made it real and made me realise I had no excuses to keep it locked in my head.

And then the universe came through for me and gave me the best co-founder a girl could ask for, Eberechukwu Okoye, and together we built this.
When I imagined EchoHer, I imagined it to be a community filled with women who can express themselves without looking over their shoulders.
Over the years, I have tried to create small groups of women and immerse myself in them. Like my own safe space, and I have watched my life blossom.
Women are amazing, and having them in my corner has made me a better person.
I understand the difference that having a tribe of women in my life has made, and I wish that you will discover that for yourself and hopefully find your tribe.

EchoHer is a community-driven social network where women can finally speak without being told to keep quiet. A community where we do not have to shrink our personalities and conversations to make people comfortable.

Ladies, it is finally our time to speak, we have waited our turn, and our turn is here. I hope that my team and I have created something that you love just as much as we do.

Thank you.

Our Approach


— Our Mission

A Queen once said ‘ there are no safe spaces for women, only cages where we have women cornered’. We’ve seen that play out so many times in online spaces. From the recurrent victim-blaming to someone else trying to shove unsolicited opinions down your throat. Women are afraid to speak up because online harassment is rampant and equality experiences backlashes.

So we created Echo Her.

For you to feel a sense of community and support
We understand the difference that having a tribe of women in any woman’s life can make, and we want every female to enjoy that. You will discover that for yourself and hopefully find your tribe.


— Our Vision

Echo her is a social network where you can spend time nurturing friendships and relationships with other women. We know that you have a story to tell; so we give you the platform while other women look on, eager to listen and to validate your feelings.

So whether you want to freak out about your reproductive health, have a fashion emergency Or you want to tell everyone that your mum is amazing; you’re now the center of attention.

Take the stage now, the microphone is yours.